Teens Carry A Heavy Emotional Load: Many Aspects Affect Their Daily Lives

Are you a teen or do you know a teen who struggles with confidence, has self-doubt that holds her back, or has negative self-talk that diminishes her being? Relationships, expectations, responsibilities and emotions are ever changing and can cause much angst, pain, and confusion. Teens deserve support, tools and strategies to navigate all these aspects of life.

Stop Suffering – Start Connecting:
What This Workshop Offers

Empower Me workshop offers support to step closer to self-acceptance, self-compassion, and a way to know self better. Spend 3 hours a day exploring and understanding yourself with curiosity, gentleness, and connection. Teen participants will spend time self-reflecting, listening to and supporting others, and taking steps towards personal internal goals.

Learn more about your emotions, your inner resources, and how to connect more meaningfully in relationships through positive psychology, art-based activities, and mindfulness.

How will you go out into the world differently now because of this workshop?

Workshop participants responded:
“More confident and relaxed”; “more open and peaceful”

Girls’ Workshop (ages 10-17)

  • Understand the blocks that make you anxious, angry, or depressed.
  • Explore tools and practices of boundaries and communicating clearly.
  • Learn how to listen to your own inner wisdom and grow your confidence and joy.
  • Discover how connection and support helps you to grow authentically.


What did you learn about yourself in this workshop?

Workshop Participants responded:
“To be cool with myself”; “I learned a lot about my insecurity and outward mask”


Please email leanna@lifedancescounselling.com if you have a group of young women (3 participants minimum to a maximum of 12) and we can arrange a time for them to experience and benefit from this workshop.

How to Register

  1. Use the Contact button below to get in touch.
  2. You will receive a response email and an invitation for a free 10-minute consult to answer any questions you might have and to determine if Empower Me will be a benefit to you. There will be a sign-up package and you will receive a schedule for the week.

See the RATES PAGE for more information on payments.

You will receive an email within 24 hours confirming your interest in support group. You will be invited to have a 15 minute Zoom online consult to enable you to ask any questions you might have about support group and to ensure that support group will be beneficial for you.



Workshop is $195 (plus GST) for the week.

When registration forms are completed, you will receive an invoice from Life Dances Counselling through PayPal, which can be paid by credit card or PayPal account. Payment in full for the workshop is due to secure the participant’s registration.

**Please note: Minimum number of participants for this workshop to run is 3. Maximum participants are 10, which allows for the workshop to be personalized for participants and offers a safe and well-supported environment.

ACCT – Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada


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“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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