Professionals Working With Youth:
The Potential To Influence Greatness

You’ve heard the saying “youth today are the leaders of tomorrow” – but what about today? Who are they today? This is the huge responsibility and the profound potential that professionals like you hold in your care. Working with teens can also create tremendous challenge, stress and upset in your daily professional life.

What about the teens who are disrespectful, unmotivated, failing, doing drugs or drinking, or bullying or being bullied? When the behaviour of teens is derailing, negatively impacting themselves and those around them, how can we be effective and constructively help them?

Positive psychology is an approach that can help you be a better mentor and facilitator with youth.

Concerns And Struggles That Could Benefit From More Effective Tools And Approaches

Youth are faced with many challenges in this ever-changing world of social media, education, poverty, sex, violence, and addictions. How do professionals identify when they are no longer working effectively with youth?

  • My business depends on teens working together and working with me. How can I make this more effective/efficient?
  • I love teaching my subject, but I really struggle to like the teens I teach. Can you help me?
  • How do I work with/coach, teach support more effectively with teenagers these days?
  • I find myself frustrated with the teens I am working with. I find them rude and selfish and ego-centric and hard to relate with.
  • This generation has an entirely different means of communicating and relating (technology).
    My co-workers and I can’t agree with how teens should be treated. I am confused and frustrated.
  • Teens are so disrespectful and disinterested. What are some tools I can use to engage them more?
  • I work with teens with teen pregnancy, drug use, eating disorders, alcoholism, bullying, skipping school, breaking the law, sex related issues and I want to help them more effectively.

Careers With
Youth, Teens
& Young Adults

  • Outreach workers
  • Social workers
  • Recreation Centers
  • Teachers/Schools
  • Juvenile Detention
  • Restorative Justice Workers
  • Police
  • Music/Dance/Art Teachers
  • Doctors/Nurses
  • Employers who hire teens
  • Camp Leaders
  • Coaches
  • Ministers/Priests
  • University Instructors
  • College Instructors
  • Libraries

Positive Psychology
Skills Produce
Better Futures!

“Always feeling responsible for another person’s upset, I began to lose who I was. As I re-claimed myself, and risked witnessing a loved one have and own their own feelings of anxiety, I gained my power and confidence back and this is everything to me. I can feel compassion without feeling responsible for fixing their problems for them.” – Parent, B.C.

Break Through Barriers And Experience Success:
How Positive Psychology Methods Can Help

  • Learn tools to communicate more effectively with teens
  • Identify your triggers (what upsets you) in your relationships with teens
  • Practice reframing how you are viewing situations (perspective)
  • Identify your leadership style and how that can impact your influence with youth
  • Learn how to use healthy conflict to strengthen relationships and rapport
  • Learn how to dismantle, and de-escalate potentially problematic situations
  • Develop and strengthen qualities like trust, patience, and compassion that will benefit your work with teens
  • Identify what you are unconsciously communicating (93% of communication is non verbal)
  • Examine your own Values, Boundaries and what you stand for as a leader (adult)
  • Learn how to create a thriving environment with teens so teens are drawn to you
  • Gain tools to empower teens and motivate them
    Become more aware and understanding of teens’ lives
  • Reconnect with your hope and passion in working with youth
  • Be aware of and embrace the many ways that teens may also teach you valuable skills and perspectives

“In all kinds of ways – if we are willing – our children take us into places in our heart
we didn’t know existed”.  – Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Will YOU Be The Kind Of Professional Who Cultivates
Greatness In Today’s Youth?

Let today be the day you learn the tools and strategies so that working with and supporting youth becomes easier, full of empowerment and success for you and them. The reality is, when WE do our best, it sets the stage for us to influence youth to do their best too!

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