Is your Parenting Toolbox empty?

Your teen’s behaviours, choices and perspectives can challenge you and leave you feeling lost, confused and frustrated.

You have tried and tried. You have talked and you have listened. You have tried to control, you have tried to let go. You have tried to understand; you have tried to rationalize. But still nothing seems to change. Some days you feel like giving up. You find yourself constantly worried about your teen, or they continue to anger you by their actions, choices or mood. You tell yourself, ‘if my teen would just change then everything would be better.’

Who is this Course for?

The Thriving With Teens Program is an introductory program by Life Dances Counselling. This course, based in Positive Psychology, helps parents, grandparents, step-parents, foster parents and any adults involved closely with youth shift their perspective about what is happening for pre-teens, teens and young adults, and consider new tools and strategies that can strengthen your role and ease your approach with your teen, while also helping and supporting your teen in their struggle as they transition from child to early adult.

Struggles This Course Helps With:

  • Poor communication – fights, silence or conflictual interactions
  • Anxious conditions or patterns – high stress, depression, worry, anxiety, anger
  • Low self-esteem, low confidence, low achievement or participation in school, apathy
  • Sexual exploration or gender orientation questioning

Please note: That if your teen or family is in the middle of a major crisis (suicidal ideations, self-harm, or violence) Life Dances Counselling recommends individual or family counselling first in order to establish more stability before taking this course. Please contact Life Dances Counselling for a consult to determine what is the best support for your teen and family.

“Love me when I least deserve it because that’s when I really need it.”   – Swedish Proverb

Dealing With Teens Requires New Learning and Growth:
Tools and Strategies Are Available

This course will provide helpful approaches, information and strategies to lessen the struggle and create more peace and connection with your teen and in your family:

  • Improve Your Communication – learn how to listen and how to speak in a way that lessens conflict and helps your teen get to know themselves better.
  • Broaden The Picture – increase your understanding of how and why your teen might be acting in these ways by considering relationship patterns and family dynamics.
  • Re-build Trust – consider how emotions can be accessed in positive and constructive ways so that communication and respect can improve and teens can develop a better sense of themselves.
  • Find Hope – expand your understanding of how the struggle gets created, ways to disrupt the patterns, and practice loving and supporting your teen even when you feel really challenged.

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Thriving With Teens Curriculum

The 4 Elements in this course is intended to help you understand your teen’s struggles and connect with them like never before.

Each element includes an hour of informative and instructional video and 2-4 impactful activities to implement and practice.

What Will I Learn?

Learn about the critical role that emotions are having in creating your teen’s struggle, and how emotions can also become a means to healing their struggle. Understand how unconscious thoughts and beliefs are influencing your teen’s choices.

You will be introduced to reflective listening as a way to improve communication and build trust with your teen. Also, you will explore how adults can deal with their own frustrations and anger in a healthy way.

“Decoding (a child’s difficult) behaviour is like looking at a rain wrapped tornado crossing the road in front of you. You see the fury of rain, hail, wind and debris, but you have to look real hard to see the driving force behind it.” ― Deborah A. Beasley, Successful Foster Care Adoption

Understand how anxiety, relationship patterns and particular beliefs can be passed on generationally to your teen. Learn about how anxiety moves around a family and how you can lessen the impact of anxiety in your family.

Consider the 5 aspects of wellness for your teen and family, especially one, often overlooked aspect. Be encouraged to get to know your teen better, particularly in how they understand giving and receiving love.

How long does this course take?

Approx. 4 weeks. Total of 4 hours of online material to watch.

Each of the 4 Elements is intended to take one week which allows for watching the 1 hour of videos and practicing the activities over the week. The course is available for 40 days.

What is the cost of this course?

$140 plus applicable taxes.

What technology do I need to take this course?
The videos are embedded YouTube videos – so a computer, cell phone, or tablet with internet access will work. You will be able to download the activity documents and either fill them in online or print them at your home or office.
Every word, facial expression, gesture, or action on the part of a parent gives the child some message about self-worth…. many parents don’t realize what messages they are sending.”   ― Virginia Satir

Take the step towards being the Adult your teen needs you to be today.
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