Impact on Families: What’s REALLY Influencing
Your Teen’s Decisions & Life?

The landscape of parenting teens has drastically changed. Technology, sexuality, family dynamics, peers, careers are some of the challenges teens face and parents can feel unequipped to support or guide youth in such dramatically shifting times. Positive psychology can help you overcome many barriers and new challenges you may be facing as a parent, grandparent, step-parent, foster parent, or adult in a teen’s life.

Youth Are Inundated With Negative Psychological Messages: Indicators That Intervention Is Needed:

  • I am frustrated, scared, and worried about my teen’s behaviours, especially when I consider their future.
  • I worry about my teen’s relationships with friends, family, siblings, and community, and I see the negative effect of these relationships on them and people around them.
  • Talking with my child is difficult, frustrating, and can be impossible.
  • My teen is being rude, aggressive, and non-cooperative with me.
  • I am uneasy as my child is retreating more and more, becoming silent, and secretive.
  • I feel guilty about mistakes I’ve made as a parent, and I wonder if the damage is irreparable.
  • My partner and I argue and fight about how our teen should be parented.
  • My teen’s behaviours with food, drugs, sex, self-harm or alcohol are alarming.
  • My teen struggles with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and bullying.

“When we meet real tragedy in life, we can react in two ways–either by losing hope and falling into self-destructive habits, or by using the challenge to find our inner strength.” – Dalai Lama XIV


The Power of Positive Psychology: Turning Struggles and Challenges Into Healthy Behaviours & Relationships

  • Learn effective tools for communicating with your teen, partner and as a family.
  • Discover healthy boundaries and how to establish and maintain them.
  • Explore choices, values and beliefs that have created your current struggle so that choices and options become clearer.
  • Understand the life of your teen better to determine how to guide them and change harmful behaviours.
  • Identify your own needs, strengths, and gifts as a parent to help establish your role in your teen’s life
  • Step into being authentic and effective in your parenting – grow your ability to be patient, supportive, compassionate, and trustworthy.
  • Reconnect with your partner and negotiate how to parent effectively together.
  • Learn to navigate all the relationships involved with families today, such as co-parenting, extended family members, foster parents, blended families, multi race, same gender parents.

usParents Deserve Support Too: You Alone Can Make a Difference

Parenting teens is also a unique phase of life for you as a person. The changes of having your child develop into a teen, or your teen mature into a young adult can be tumultuous for you. What is shifting in your life as your family dynamics are changing: career path, partner or friend relationships, aging parents, your own wellness and relationship to yourself. Who are you now? Having your own support as you navigate this stage of life can make a tremendous, positive impact on your own and your family’s relationships in so many ways.

Smart Parenting In THIS Generation – Understanding
When & How To Intervene

Each fight, secret, and harmful choice that passes is one more moment that you can not take back. Every negative word your teen says to themselves is more compounding evidence of the world they keep creating. What is your child, your family, your relationship worth to you? Why wait another moment to give them the empowerment, the hope, the potential to live more peacefully, lovingly, respectfully, and meaningfully? Your choice to learn more as a parent will impact your children, and your children’s children and future generations.

As a Parent, the steps you DO and DO NOT take will significantly affect your teen’s life and future. Small improvements can have a profound impact on your child. In the same way, no changes can and will have a deep influence on your child’s wellbeing and future…. Contact us for a free consult… and learn how to open the doors to communication and a healthy future of possibilities!

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“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”
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