Youth, Parents and Professionals

How Relationships Transform Through Individual And Group Counselling

Life Dances Counselling is a contemporary private practice with a specialization in working with youth, parents, and professionals involved with youth. We offer cutting edge counselling and workshops founded in the principals of positive psychology.

Online Or In Person Sessions: Easy, Convenient And Accessible Support

Counselling sessions are available online, or experience in-person sessions our offices in Langford, B.C. or Vancouver, B.C.  Online sessions are as powerful and life changing as in-person sessions. Step into the support you desire with ease and convenience.

Time Matters: Understanding The Costs Of NOT Getting Support

Each fight, hurtful word, and secret can create irreparable damage to individuals and the relationship between two people. Each day that goes by in self-loathing, doubt, depression, and anger is another opportunity for that cycle to get more engrained. Get the tools and strategies that will help you with communication, motivation, confidence, and knowing how to best support yourself or youth in your life.

Positive Psychology: How Adult & Youth Relationships Can Finally Begin To Thrive

Unlike other methods of psychology, rather than simply focusing on the negative symptoms, beliefs and behaviours, positive psychology believes that people naturally grow and develop by tapping into their authentic selves so that they can become more fulfilled and achieve their greatest potential. It’s the absence of relevant and personal information, tools, perspectives and strategies that can erode confidence and authenticity as well as fuel symptoms of anxiety, low self-esteem, acting out and conflict.

Once teens, parents and professionals begin to uncover their positive qualities, develop their capacity to understand subconscious patterns, and learn fundamental tools, then dynamics can begin to shift from survive to thrive, from conflict to connection and from drama to harmony – IF you take the first step.


Juliana is a thoughtful, kind and deeply insightful therapist... [READ MORE]

“…who listens with an open heart. She collaborates with her clients to explore their issues at the level where they feel comfortable. She supports each person to become more aware of who they are, to better understand themselves and to have healthy, interdependent relationships so they can each create a more fulfilling life. I would absolutely refer clients to Juliana’s services.”
— Craig Wanless, MTC, RCS

Leanna is a compassionate and a highly skilled counsellor... [READ MORE]

“…who brings a fresh perspective to challenges faced as a parent as well as a youth. Her unwavering passion empowers her to navigate delicate situations while remaining neutral and unbiased. Leanna gently assists clients in developing tools and strategies that nurture healthy relationships within the family home and promote joy, connection, and communication.”
— Jen Brum, RTC
Jennifer Brum Counselling

Sessions offered online or locally in Langford, B.C.

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ACCT – Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada


Easy, Accessible & Convenient!

Counselling sessions are available online or experience in-person sessions at our offices in Langford or Vancouver, B.C.

Online sessions are as powerful and life changing as in-person sessions.


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“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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